Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Newest Foster, Meet Max!

Max was found wandering the streets of Greenville, SC.  A nice lady saved him from homelessness and found him a place to land with a couple she knew that had previously owned Bostons.  Potty training turned out to be a bit of a challenge for the couple so they contacted BTRTOC to see about finding him a permanent home.

Max arriving to foster care.
Of course the rescue agreed to give Max the chance he deserves; however, we were having a hard time lining up transportation to his foster home in NC.  Since he was so close to my location in Anderson, SC, I offered to pick him up and hold him overnight to make the arrangements easier.  Well Max's next-day transport fell through at the last minute and after spending one night with him I knew he needed to be vetted as soon as possible (he had skin issues and scratched all night).  I agreed to hold him for a few days and have him checked out.  Turns out Max was suffering from demodetic mange (the noncontagious type).  Since he had been on the streets for a while, it had taken a toll on his skin.  I decided while I had him at the vet's office I would go ahead and schedule his neuter.  That would be one less thing his foster mom in NC would have to worry about when he reached her.  Well, once you let a fur baby into your home (and into your heart) it's hard to send him off!  I agreed to foster Max until he has completed his treatment for mange - 8 to 12 weeks.

We're making progress with his potty training and I can't wait to show this boy off when his skin improves. I've included pictures so that you can see the progress he makes over the next few weeks.  The vet estimates he is between 2 and 3 years old and he is a doll!

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  1. No clue from previous pics his skin was so irritated. :( POOR MAX!!!! But...Poor Max NO MORE!!! Thanks to his wonderful foster mom and blogger, Julie!!!!! Thank you, Julie!!! GREAT BLOG!!!!!